We Add Value at Every Step of Your Supply Chain

The right part needs to be in the right place, in the right mechanic’s hands, at the right time, every time. From the manufacturing floor to dealerships, Starship is the logistics partner of choice for automakers and their suppliers across Canada.

  • Our access to a nationwide network of forward-stocking locations ensure parts are nearby and accessible 24/7/365 for delivery on demand, no matter the size or weight
  • We provide daily routed solutions as well as single deliveries on an emergency basis, all with the same attention to detail and sense of urgency
  • Our network of contracted drivers transports parts quickly and efficiently among your facilities
  • We deliver exceptional customer experiences across the US and Canada, including cross-border arrangements

Delays and downtime cost you money and customer loyalty – avoid all that with our managed transportation solutions built specifically for the auto industry

Our valued, loyal customers include:

Auto manufacturers

Auto part manufacturers + retailers


Repair shops

Tire wholesalers

We offer:

Daily routing from your distribution centers to your stores

Store-to-store transfers

24/7 service

Immediate proof of delivery

Our reputation for excellence and our ability to customize solutions to the most complex logistics challenges have earned us the trust of both automakers and the automotive aftermarket. Speed, service, and satisfaction are our formula for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Our dedicated people and commitment to excellence truly set Starship apart.

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