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Secure, reliable, fast, affordable – Starship delivers when it matters most

Manufacturers, distributors, clinical labs, and retail organizations count on Starship Logistics

  • As a nationally recognized on-demand logistics provider, our rush courier services handle the most complex transport needs with precision
  • We’ll listen carefully to understand your unique requirements then provide the fastest, most economical door-to-door route to meet your deadlines
  • We distribute time- and temperature-sensitive shipments to and from multiple locations across Canada with our network of drivers and agent partners

Five levels of comprehensive and cost-effective courier solutions

The ultimate priority service – packages are picked up within 15–30 minutes and delivered directly to meet your specified delivery window 24/7, with no stops or co-mingling of packages.

Packages are picked up as quickly as possible (generally within 30 minutes) and delivered within 2-3 hours, based on mileage, traffic and weather.

Call in by 1:00pm for deliveries to be completed by 5:00-6:00pm.

Pick up today and deliver tomorrow in major Canadian cities. Secondary cities are next-day or two-day service window.

Pick up and drive directly to out-of-town location.

Healthcare + Life Sciences Expertise

Our call center is staffed with highly trained professionals ready to arrange immediate delivery of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and more. And drivers have the expertise needed to handle your shipments properly and deliver safely to long-term care centers, senior citizen homes, physicians, pharmacies, or hospitals.

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